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30 Days Of Code

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18th June

Hold Your Breath, It's Just


About 30 Days of Code

30 days of code is a unique initiative under the SOE,CUSAT focused on helping beginners and newbies to learn and understand the various fields and aspects of the tech world so that they can choose their niche with ease.The main aim of this venture is to mould beginners into brilliant developers and coders by the end of 30 days. The program is curated such that every learner gets proper mentoring,guidance and support. We have some amazing mentors who will definitely make you fall in love with technology and beyond. Come, join the fun and be a part of this grand journey!

  • It’s going to be extremely beginner-friendly
  • You can make connections with several communities
  • Get the guidance of skilled mentors
  • Build a solid foundation in your niche
  • A handsome github profile


Yes, you heard it right! We welcome everyone!!

Everyone out there, willing to contribute to open source and equally intrigued by technology can apply. If you are a first timer or someone with basic git skills or even
a veteran developer, it doesn’t matter, 30 days of code, will give you a taste of contributing to an open source project. Also, 30 days of code being open for all, will provide a platform for all the participants to showcase their talents and cater to their technological pursuits.

Who are Behind 30 Days Of Code ?

Get to know the awesome brains behind 30 Days Of Code!

Maya Menon
Github Campus Advisor
Faculty IT SOE
Kai Iyer
Infosec Developer
Dan Jacob
Web Developer
Akash Santhosh
Community Manager
Vasant Joseph
Graphic Designer

Special Mention to:

Aman Zishan

Anusha Maiti

Elizabeth Mary Mathew

John Tharian

How Does it work?

30 Days Of Code in a nutshell..

30 Days Of Code, is a month-long venture under the SOE, CUSAT which provides participants an exquisite opportunity to work under amazing mentors.

> First phase begins by calling for project invitations belonging to various tech-domains as follows:

1. Web Development

2. Android Development
(Kotlin/Flutter/React Native)

3. InfoSec
(Digital Security)

4. Blockchain

5. Cloud

> Second phase will include the finalisation of the projects accepted in Phase-1, and also the call for mentors. Our view is primarily focussed on finding experienced people with a decent knowledge in their particular stack with a mix of an amazing personality to serve as mentors so as to guide fellow participants.

> Third phase will require the students to complete basic git tutorials and also apply for GitHub Pro Student pack. Don’t panic, we have your back and will constantly guide you throughout this journey!

> Fourth phase will let the participants interact with the mentors and contribute to one or more projects. This will include daily targets which you will have to meet by making pull requests on the project repository.

At the end of 30 days, you will have had a rock solid foundation in your tech domain, a great experience and a whole lot of fun!


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Full Pass


  • 30 Days oF Code
  • Welcome To Open Source
  • Networking Sessions
  • Talk to the Mentors
  • Work on cool projects
  • Icebreaking sessions
  • Connect with communties
  • Loads of free fun



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